Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EAPG Butter Dishes

Early American Pattern Glass Butter Dishes

EAPG Butter Dish Virginia Banded Portland Maiden Blush

I think the reason I love old glassware so much is that it was designed to make everything “special”.  There seemed to be a pretty vessel for just about everything . Today we just reach for a plastic container.

Recently my husband and I ate some Chinese food straight from the Styrofoam take
out containers.  Sitting in front of the TV, we wolfed down our food in a matter of minutes. Wonder what would have happened if instead, I placed the food in serving dishes, set the table with pretty dishes, more than one utensil per person and turned off the TV.  I believe we would have enjoyed it more, talked more, slowed down and consumed less.  

Riverside Center Medallion (Jersey Lily) Etched Covered Butter

 I have a number of beautiful EAPG butter dishes in my shop.  They used to grace a family table along with nut dishes, condiment jars, finger bowls, etc.  Each and every one had a dedicated purpose.  Today when most people want to butter bread, they reach for the plastic tub in the fridge.  100 years ago real butter was kept in an ornate glass butter dish with a cover. Today if I want mustard on something, I just squeeze the yellow plastic container.  100 years ago, it was a beautiful glass condiment jar. 

EAPG Tree Of Life With Hand & Ball Butter Dish Hobbs c. 1879

 Lately  I’ve been using my old glassware more and more.  There is a small family owned dairy farm nearby.  I keep real butter in a real butter dish on the counter ready to use.  It tastes so much better than tub margarine.  I’ve started using serving dishes at least one day a week instead of just serving out of the pots on the stove.    And yes, it does make the food taste better. 

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