Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Shoes

  How to Get a Good Fit When Vintage Shoe Shopping

What gal doesn't love shoes? 

When you discover the endless and unique designs in vintage footwear you might be surprised! 

But getting a good fit is very important. 
We all know that just because a shoe is labeled a certain size it still might not fit us when the package arrives on our doorstep. 

But what about vintage shoes that have no size marked at all? 
    Even trickier?    

                      Not at all! 

                               Just follow these easy measuring tips.

  • Find a pair of shoes that you already own and that fit you well ...try and find a pair in a similar style to what you’re looking to purchase.

  • Using a soft, flexible, cloth tape measure; measure the INSIDE of the shoe heel to toe, keeping the tape measure flat against the insole hugging the arch. This is your length. 
  • Do the same at the widest point at the ball of the foot INSIDE the shoe and this is your width. 

When shopping online for vintage shoes most sellers know the basic shoe fit guidelines and will provide these basic measurements for the buyer. But be sure to ask if the measurements given were taken on the inside of the shoe, not the outside! Then just compare the measurements... 

Knowing your “vintage” size will insure you get a great fit every time! 

 About the Author

Jolene Bramer is a member of Got Vintage Shops. Please visit her shop Intrigue You Forever on Etsy and also check out her listings on Ebay under her seller name intrigueu4ever.