Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celtic Jewelry

A Celtic Collection

The name Celt is rooted in the ancient Greeks, who called the barbarian peoples of central Europe Keltoi. The Celts were a tribe nation originating in the mountains of Austria and Germany. Over time they migrated through Europe and into the Islands we now know as the United Kingdom as well as northern parts of France. 3000 years of Celtic culture ranging across much of central and northwestern Europe has produced a wide range of styles and designs that have been reproduced and developed time and again throughout many eras of history.

The variety of styles, mediums and general passion for our ancestors has produced a plethora of collectibles for those that love all things Celtic, from Jewelry to Figurines, Clothing and Art, not to mention beautifully made serving pieces for the table, Teapots and trivets, table linens and fine hair adornments. We mustn't forget the boys either, they're sure to find kilt pins and cuff-links, money clips and rings. No matter what one is looking for it can usually be found with Celtic inspiration and vintage origins.
The affordability of Celtic collectibles has such a diverse range that it is an area anyone can collect in. Whether you can purchase the Victorian sterling silver and agate brooches or the more recent Miracle Jewelry that is highly collected but a lot more affordable, a highly carved antique oak table or a simple Celtic design tablecloth to cover the Ikea table in your dining room, anyone with a passion for the intricate knot work and traditional designs of the bygone age is sure to be able to find something to fit their budget.

My collection of all things Celtic isn't truly a collection, it's a lifestyle. Born and raised in England I have always loved the traditional music and dance and grew up in a family that was involved in both. We'd often visit Scotland to see my mothers side of the family and over the years, as I grew and developed my own tastes in clothing, jewelry and decor I found myself gravitating towards the designs of old. With over 300 years of ancestry in my family tree wending their way all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales I suppose it's no surprise that I love the patterns and objects of my ancestors. My particular passion for Celtic art however is Hair Adornments. I have the long, dark, curly hair of my Irish roots and I just love to find vintage silver Celtic design hair clips and combs to tame my wild curls.

The beauty of Celtic collectibles and antiques isn't just in the design and the history, it's in the variety, the affordability and availability. Go on, take a browse through Got Vintage Shops and see what Celtic inspired goodies you can find!

About the Author

Helen Gilbert is a member of Got Vintage Shops. She owns and operates Catisfaction's Glass Gallery on Ruby Lane.