Monday, August 27, 2012

Vintage Jewelry

 Jewelry and Fashion

 Ever notice the jewelry and fashion going back 20 or more years to another era? 


The jewelry fad is now bold bib necklaces just as it was in the 1940-50’s and again in the 1960s-70’s. This aluminum fringe necklace from the 1940-50’s is just as fashion forward today as it was when it was made.


In the 1960’s bib necklaces were back in style and this fabulous vintage blue glass and rhinestones bib fringed necklace and matching earrings set, possibly an untagged Swarovski set, is a wonderful example from that period.


Another fashion statement from the 1940’s and 1950’s making a comeback are shoe clips to dress up those black heels!  The clips shown here are from the 1980’s.

Clothing is also going back to another era when bell bottom pants were in style, plus the more feminine look in ruffled blouses. 

Whatever your style you can make a unique fashion statement with vintage jewelry and fashions!

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