Monday, August 13, 2012

Fused Art Glass

 Fused Art Glass by Sydenstricker

In the mid-1960s, Bill Sydenstricker developed and perfected the art of creating fused glass objects at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  He combined his knowledge of Egyptian Art with an understated artistic sense and his training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).   Today, the company that he founded continues in operation, despite his passing in 1994.

This style of glass has been copied, but Sydenstricker was the first to perfect and produce it.  Items are produced in a mold and a stenciled design of fine glass particles is positioned between 2 layers of glass.  As one can imagine, it requires a great deal of skill to stencil multiple colors on a piece!  During kiln firing, the 2 layers of glass and the design all fuse together, sealing the design between the layers.

The resulting glassware has a unique handcrafted look and feel with a distinct texture, sometimes exhibiting air bubbles between the layers.  Although a stencil is used to create multiple pieces of the same pattern, each piece will have slight variations that result from being handmade.

Sydenstricker has made several patterns that have remained popular for many years.  Many patterns are based on flowers and plants, although their lacy Embassy pattern is a notable exception.  

Sydenstricker Glass is marked with an etched, cursive signature that can sometimes be hard to find.  It shows up as a white ‘scribble’ on the underside of the item.

Although they are designed to be used, these unique pieces of art should not be used in a microwave or washed in a dishwasher.

Sydenstricker Glass, sometimes referred to as “Cape Cod Glass” continues to gain popularity among aficionados of art glass as well as collectibles.  Please visit our shop to see a nice assortment of Sydenstricker Glass, and Happy Collecting!
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