Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bright Retro Cheerful Anodized Colored Aluminum…..

I don’t think I’ve seen a piece I didn’t like. Retro kitchen kitsch that is delightful. It is bright, colorful, sturdy and just plain happy. It came in many shapes and sizes and colors. Quality manufacturers like Bascal, Kromex and others produced this retro kitchen and bar ware. The items are sleek and stylish, mid century modern design at its best, fitting into the modernistic décor as well as the retro kitchen.

After WWII America was on a roll. Our soldiers were home and jobs were being created. Americans had energy, ideas, plans, and were on top of the world. Subdivisions were being built and along with those rows and rows of houses were backyards just screaming for a patio and bar-b-que pit. Housewives shopped with confidence and wanted fun, eye catching accessories to entertain with.

You can find any number of colorful accessories. Over the years I’ve found many, many pieces. I think my best find was a set of multi colored spice canisters in their original rack. There are pitchers, measuring spoons, ashtrays, coasters and much, much more. The most common item is the tumbler. I remember going to market with my grandmother and purchasing cottage cheese in the aluminum containers. I don’t remember the brand of the cheese, but I do remember those tumblers. My grandmother was partial to the bright blue, so every other week it was a new blue tumbler. They held up well in the kitchen as there was no dishwasher in the house. But, as they started looking worn were delegated to the laundry room (soap scoop) or to my sandbox. Made a great digging tool and you could make great sandcastles.

As with so many items from that era, these are nostalgic, bringing back many happy memories for not just a few, but for many. Sadly, that has brought on an avalanche of cheap imitations and reproductions; do a search on ebay or Amazon and you will find imposters by the car load. Don’t settle for the new ones. Enjoy a trip to your local antiques and collectibles mall or browse on Ruby Lane or Ruby Plaza. Part of the fun of finding these treasures is the trip finding them.

An added perk is that in the heat of the summer, a tall cold iced tea or lemonade tastes wonderful when enjoyed from one of these fun vintage collectible mugs or tumblers.

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